Monday, April 18, 2016

New Everything + BOOKS!!!

   Hey guys! I'm so excited for this post! It's kind of an updating post, but I'm also including the usual stuff (aka fangirling), so it'll be goooooooddddd. ;) Let's start this thin'!
   I've been working on a book with my friends, and we've made a whole collection of accounts, including FictionPress, Wattpad, and an email account. I think I'm speaking for all of us when I say that we'd LOVE it if you could find us and read our story on FictionPress or Wattpad, and even give us some constructive criticism! Our account username for Wattpad is "throneofmortalroses", and our account for FictionPress is "throneofmortalroses473". Can you guys guess the combination of the three books that we used in our name? Comment if you think you can guess. ;)
   Our story is about an immortal named Hiraeth that is...ugh. I REALLY hate explaining things. Well, if you want more details, you can either just email me, or just read our story! XD To save you some trouble, I'll give you an excerpt from our prologue in Ameliorate below.

"My reverie was cut short when the shouting began. There was no warning when the last drops of sunlights were swallowed by a heavy darkness. Everything was engulfed in shadows. Panic began to fill me and I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. The blackness was pressing down with a pressure so intense that I could hardly breathe, much less move more than a few steps. Perspiration gathered on my brow. 
"After him!" cried a man from behind.
I didn't think as I rushed after the apparition-like figure, my bones creaking with the sheer effort needed to move. Blood roared through my ears and my chest tightened painfully. I sprinted to catch up, leaping over a stack of crates and making a sharp turn onto a crumbling green, gabled rooftop. I was almost there when suddenly, they stopped.
Every one of my instincts screamed at me to sprint in the opposite direction, to get away while I still could, but I stood frozen, fascinated at the sight before me. It was difficult to decipher due to their slight stature, yet the figure before me looked to be a mere child, around 16-18 years of age, I guessed. The teen collapsed as if his legs gave out, gripping his head and shaking violently on the ground. That warning sensation came back in full force as I gazed in realization. Horror filled my head, clouding my senses so that I could not think clearly.
I stepped backwards and a soft crack resounded, though it seemed like a gunshot; I had mistakenly broken a twig with my boot. Time slowed to a stop. The child's head snapped up immediately and our gazes met. Raven hair framed the boy's delicate features and amber irises that appeared to glow like molten lava bore into me. I was no stranger to magic; in fact, it was my own ability to resist it that had allowed me to get up when the others could not, and I knew a magic user when I saw one. It was a fairly common thing to have, but I could tell there was nothing normal about this creature before me. I was hesitant to call this boy a child of any sort, yet there was no other term for which to use. 
The shadows seemed to rise out of the ground and coalesce, whipping around in a maelstrom of wind and power, with the teen and I in its center. I grabbed a small weapon, a knife, out of the sheath on my belt and, with less than a moment of hesitation, threw it as hard as I could at the raging storm threatening to tear my body to shreds. The knife soared true. The blade nicked the boy's cheek and the whorl of darkness faltered. My victory at knowing I could harm him was short-lived. In the short window of time I had gained, I could see, to my horror, the cut slowly healed, leaving pale skin unblemished."

   Oh, don't worry, there's more. ;P You'll just have to go and read it on Wattpad or FictionPress. Anyway, one down, a couple more things to go!
   I don't think that I've ever mentioned just how much I LOVE twenty one pilots! They are seriously my favorite band right now, and they'll probably going to stay that way. If you've never heard of twenty one pilots, listen to these songs RIGHT NOW! This first one is their most popular song, as it's on the radio.
   Oh gosh, I love them! I'll just post TWO more songs from YouTube. :P
They just have SUCH a different sound and they create so MANY good tunes to go with their thought-provoking words.
Anyway, I did have a point with all of this. I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!!! As some of you may know, my birthday was kind-of recently, so one of my presents were..............TICKETS TO ONE OF THEIR CONCERTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm taking my friend with me and we're going to go to the Mall of America and spend the weekend there. The concert that I'm going to is in St.Paul on July 29th! I just can't wait!!! I'm afraid that I might creep you guys out, so I think I should stop at this.
   Okay, two down. Next thing I'm going to tell you guys is that I uploaded another lyrics video to YouTube! The song is called "House of Memories" by Panic! At The Disco, and I must say, it is definitely one of my top favorites from P!ATD. Here's the video. It would mean so much to me if you liked or commented on the video! (Something happened though, so the sound changes at the beginning of the video. I tried to fix it, but...:/)
   Next thing: I CANNOT WAIT FOR MAY!!!!!!! Do you want to know why? Why of course you do, because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post! XD Anywho, May is when...

  • Captain America: Civil War comes out on May 6th
  • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas comes out on May 3rd
  • The Crown by Keira Cass comes out on May 3rd
  • The Trails of Apollo by Rick Riordan comes out on May 3rd
  • School will almost be over (but high school...ehhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah no.)
   Did you guys catch the pattern? THREE BOOKS COME OUT ON MAY 3RD!!!!!! I do NOT have enough money for this. Ugh. :'( I've already pre-ordered A Court of Mist and Fury, but as for everything else...I'm gonna be broke. Ooh! That leads me to the next thing...and the last, for now. ;)
   I'm going to Disney World next year!!!! For band, we get to perform in Disney World during Spring Break! So yeah, that'll be fun.
   Sorry guys, but I'm just so drained of energy right now. Could you tell that I simmered down throughout the post? XP Welp, goodbye and LISTEN TO THOSE VIDEOS UP DERE M'KAY?!!?!?!?!?!


  1. Hey!
    It's nice to see you posting on this blog again!! I love book blogs! ;P Is the selection series any good?? I'm wanting to read it in the future sometime! ;) I am LOVING the sound of your book!! I hope you keep on with writing it! I've started about a million books, but I've never actually finished but maybe 2000 words in them! Ack! Maybe I'll try to get more into writing this summer, I'm on summer break now!!
    Oooooo, Disney world?? Fun! We were going to go this year, but we decided not to, and we're probably moving this year yeah! ;)
    P.S I'm almost done with the City of Glass! Next TID!

    1. Ooooohh! Yay! TID is my favorite Cassie Clare trilogy so far! (Although The Dark Artifaces might pass it! Lady Midnight was soooooooooooo good!!!!!) Let me know when you finish (or start!) Clockwork Angel!
      Also, I HIGHLY recommend the Selection series! The books were awesome and, as you can tell, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE CROWN!!! If that isn't enough, I don't know if you've read my review??? I posted it last year, so if you didn't read it, you should probably go read it! XP
      So sorry about Disney World! I hope your move goes okay. Are you sad to be leaving your friends? I know I would be. ;)
      I've started a lot of books too! I have never finished a book before either, Twice the Fun included. :)
      Thanks for commenting, Katie! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    2. Haha! Is TID better than TMI?? I have like 80 pages left in City of Glass, so I should def be finishing it today, and MAYBE starting the Clockwork Angel! ;P Hahaha, yep, on my summer reading list, the Selection series!! Ok, I'll take a peek at your review! ;P
      Yeah, it is going to be sad leaving my friends, but it'll be ok! Eventually we would like to make it to Hawaii. ;)

    3. Hawaii, ooh! And yes, I do think that TID is better than TMI, but it all depends on what time period you like better. Can't wait to talk about CA with you!

    4. I'm not exactly sure yet which one I like better, but I'm thinking it's definitely going to be TMI. I'm not much into books set into the historical time period, and the only reason I'll probably keep reading TID is cuz I fell in love with the characters! ;P

    5. Yeah, I get it. TID DOES get better though, along with Tessa. *Wince* Oh, the pain. How is CoFA coming?