Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Infernal Devices (A Review)

       Hello again peeps! Today I'm doing a review on my favorite book series EVER!!! So bear with me, because it's gonna get a little cray-cray, if you know what I mean. ;)

     If you guys haven't noticed that I now have music at the top of the page, then you have now! Those are my favorite songs based on books, and my FAVORITE is the first song called "Fire and Ice" by Olivia Bray. Can you guess what books that song is based on? Yep, it's based on The Infernal Devices. ;P Just FYI, here is the list of songs and also what books they are based on:

~"Fire and Ice" by Olivia Bray is based on TID (The Infernal Devices)
~"Warrior" by Beth Crowley is based on TMI (The Mortal Instruments)
~"Midnight" by Beth Crowley is based on The Lunar Chronicles
~"How it Ends" by Beth Crowley is based on City of Lost Souls in TMI.
~"Come Alive" by Beth Crowley is based on City of Heavenly Fire in TMI.

     So yeah, there you go! If there is any other book-based songs that you love, go ahead and comment! I'd definitely add it onto the list of songs! (As long as it's appropriate.)
     Anyway, I should probably get back to the review! LOL! XP
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     I love The Infernal Devices because Cassandra Clare develops her characters so well! Plus, my fictional boyfriend, James Carstairs, is in it, so...that definitely gives it some awesomeness! Also, it takes place in the Victorian Era, in London. You probably want to know what it is ABOUT, so here is the (short) summary that I am getting off of Wikipedia.
"The series follows Tessa Gray, an orphaned teenage girl who discovers she has the power to shapeshift, but doesn't bear a mark that shows she is a warlock, and abilities that plunge her into a world she never knew existed. She will have to learn to master them if she wants to find her brother Nate and she will have to forge an alliance with Shadowhunters if she wants to survive in this dangerous world.
The trilogy features Will Herondale, James (Jem) Carstairs, Theresa (Tessa) Gray, and other Downworlders and Shadowhunters in the London Institute." 
     Below are some of my favorite quotes from this series:
Okay, I need to stop. Otherwise, I'll be posting all the quotes and then you guys won't even need to read it! LOL! 
Now, some pictures! LOL!
Will and Jem
Ladies of The London Institute: Tessa, Jessamine, Charlotte and Sophie (Imaginary Cast):
 The Infernal Devices! OMG I NEED this poster!!!!
Parabati-Jem and Will:
Tessa Gray and Will HERONDALE:
THE INFERNAL DEVICES by Cassandra Clare| THE INFERNAL DEVICES Characters: Will Herondale, Tessa Gray, Jem Carstairs, Charlotte Branwell, Jessamine Lovelace, Henry Branwell, Nathaniel Gray, Axel Mortmain & Magnus Bane.:
Tessa Gray:
Tessa Grey:
Tessa Gray:
Words have the power to change us.. This is beautiful!:

     And obviously, I give it 5 stars!!!!!!!
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     Bye bye!


  1. Great review! You've made me want to read them now! ;P And I really love all the pictures! ;)
    P.S I love the songs "Fire and Ice" and "Warrior"!!

    1. :D Did you first hear those songs because of my blog and me? LOL! Those ones are my top 2 favorite songs right now!

    2. LOL! I had actually heard "Warrior" before I saw them on your blog. I go through song obsessions where I listen to the same song over and over until I just get bored of it and then I move on! ;) BUT, I hadn't heard of "Fire and Ice" before I listened to your lyric video, and now I'm going through a song obsession with that one! Haha!
      ~Katie @

    3. I do that exact same thing! "Fire and Ice" is my obsession right now, so I listen to it on repeat! :D Do you remember where you heard "Warrior" before? Have you listened to other Beth Crowley songs?

    4. Really?! Haha, we have the same song obsession right now. ;P
      I think I just found it randomly on youtube, and was like, hmm, this sounds like a nice song! I haven't heard any other Beth Crowley songs yet though. :) What's your favourite song of hers?

    5. Well, it's a three-way tie between Warrior, Midnight, and How it Ends! I love all of them so much! Beth recently just uploaded her remix of Warrior, and the first time I listened to it, I didn't like it, but I LOVE IT NOW!!! XD

    6. Haha! Oh, yeah, I listened to it! I actually didn't like it, so MAYBE I should try listening to it again! It was just a bit too slow for me, lol!
      Random question: Have you ever read the Fallen series?

    7. Answer to The Random Question: That series is actually on my To Be Read list! I have it in my backpack, and I'm planning to read it once I'm done with Linger, which I'm almost done with.

      Follow-up Question for you: Why--have you? ;)

    8. Awesome!! Yep, I have! They were awesome!! Hahaha, I totally forgot I asked you that question until you mentioned it! ;P

    9. I read the first one, but I haven't had time to read the second one. It was pretty good! :D